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  • SAPUI5 Online training

    What is SAP UI5?

    In SAP UI5 online training, you will learn a standardized approach to creating user interfaces simplifies the task of deploying mobile applications on multiple devices. The mobile market is highly fragmented, with a host of Smartphone’s and tablets running on a number of operating systems. Creating apps to run on all of these is a complex task, especially for organizations operating a bring-your-own-device environment. Every application must deliver not only clear business benefits, but also a consistent, consumer-grade experience – all of which needs to be achieved quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Mobile should be a business-as-usual undertaking, not an entire add-on project each time a new application is developed. Standardized UI technology is crucial in a highly fragmented mobile market.

    SAP UI’s should be created using a cross-platform framework based on standard web technology and responsive design. This will enable developers to create UIs that recognize and adapt to whatever device an app is on, and automatically adjust the display to fit the screen – and even the orientation.

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    SAPUI5 online training – Syllabus

    i. Basic Development Skills

    Course Content
    1. SAPUI5 Overview
    2. SAPUI5 1.30 setup on Eclipse Mars locally
    3. Basics of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Jquery, Ajax
    4. Programming Applications Overview
    5. Creating a SAPUI5 Project
    6. Concept of index.html in SAPUI5
    7. Model – View – Controller Concept in SAPUI5
    8. Static Databinding in SAPUI5
    9. Oneway, Twoway and One-Time Binding of controls with SAPUI5 models
    10. Complex/Expression binding using different techniques
    11. Dynamic Databinding with live ODATA services using different techniques
    12. CRUD operations on ODATA services using different techniques
    13. CRUD Batch Processing on ODATA services.
    14. Navigation using Event Bus in SAPUI5
    15. Resource Handling / Localization
    16. Understanding lifecycle/hook methods in Controller
    17. Designing of SAPUI5 views using multiple development paradigm
    18. Sorting and Filtering of data in SAPUI5
    19. Fuzzy logic oriented search in SAPUI5
    20. Designing a responsive table in SAPUI5
    21. Creating Custom Launchpad using SAPUI5
    22. Understanding fragments and concept of reusability
    23. Mater Detail split view concept in SAPUI5
    24. Developing Custom Fiori lookalike app from scratch using above SAPUI5 concepts
    25. Demonstration of Custom Fiori lookalike app following Fiori Design Guidelines
    26. Upload/Download Image functionality in SAPUI5