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    SAP Success Factors online training

    What is SAP SuccessFactors?

    SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud based provider of Human Capital Management. It functions independently within SAP, it is a market leader in enterprise application software.

    People are organizing usage of SAP applications from back office to conferences, warehouses to showrooms and PC to mobile devices. People and organizations using these applications can work together more proficiently and use business perspective effectively to stay at par from the competition.

    What you will learn in the course?

    This course is intended to provide in-depth learning and develop skills required for a successful SAP SuccessFactors employee. A thorough understanding of the basic concepts increasing integration in SAP, along with the training on complete Cloud HR solutions that gives an edge over the other competitors in the industry.

    SAP SuccessFactors Online  training – Syllabus

    Part – 1: Introduction to SF Administration

    • Introduction to SuccessFactors
    • Introduction to Cloud & SAAS
    • Module in SF
    • Common terms used in SF
    • Features & Architecture of SuccessFactors
    • Navigations
    • Personalization of instance
    • Logo Administration
    • Security with Proxy
    • User Management
    • Email Notification Setup
    • Text Management
    • Rating Scales
    • Pick List Management
    • Route Maps configuration
    • Employee Data File
    • Employee Profile
    • Role Based Permissions
    • Reporting

    Part – 2: Employee Central

    • Introduction to Employee Central
    • Employee Central & its features
    • Implementation sequence of Employee Central
    • EC Data Models
    • Data models with Country Specific Data Models
    • Foundation Tables, details and administration
    • Succession Data models, Country Specific Succession Data Model
    • Associations
    • Pick Lists
    • Employee Data
    • Role based permissions
    • Employee Data Import and Export
    • Basic User Import
    • Extended import of employee details
    • Biographical information import
    • Employment Details Import
    • Propagation Rules
    • Events and Event reason derivation
    • Workflow and Workflow configuration
    • Integrations

    Part – 3: Goals & Development

    • Introduction to Goals Management & Development
    • Basic overview and navigation of Goals
    • Goal Wizard, Goal Library
    • Creation of new goals, tables and fields
    • Route Maps in GM, PM & Development
    • Cascade and other options available for goals
    • Development Goals
    • Development Goals in Performance Review
    • Development Goals with learning
    • Reporting