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  • SAP Security Online Training

    SAP Security Online training

    What is SAP Security?

    SAP security online training is one of the most important technical module where the SAP security

    administrators are responsible for the development and administration of user rights on SAP systems.

    For success and effective functions in every organization, standard SAP security model has to be

    implemented at all levels. When we are implementing SAP security we have consider some important


    1. What needs to be protected internal or external threats of organization.

    2. From whom it needs to be protected.

    3. What actions are to be taken to prevent these threats.

    4. When developing security, you must first determine what you wants to be safe.

    Why Security is important?

    SAP security helps to give only particular access to users to perform their job and unauthorized access.

    SAP systems are loaded with number of applications to perform day to day business operations in

    organizations like financial accounting, controlling, sales and distribution, material management, human

    resource management and so on. Only employees and business partners get authentication to the SAP

    system. User using SAP system should only have authorization to the application relevant to their jobs.

    SAP SECURITY online training – Syllabus


    • Introduction to SAP
    • Logon and Navigation
    • What is SAP Security?
    • SAP Landscape & Concept of Client
    • SAP Authorization Flow
    • Key transactions
    • Key tables in SAP Security



    SAP User Management:-

    • SAP Different Types of User
    • Where to use Different type of users
    • Single user administration SU01
    • Mass user creations using SU10 & SECATT
    • What is CUA?
    • Password Policy
    • User Trace for missing authorizations
    • Troubleshooting User Authorizations
    • User Group Concept


    • Authorizations objects and object Class
    • About Su24& SU22
    • Custom Authorizations

    Role Administration:-

    • Single Roles
    • Composite Roles
    • Derived Roles
    • Difference between Roles & Profiles
    • What is Organization Unit & How to restrict them in Roles?
    • How to control Tables in SAP
    • Security Audit
    • Role Transport
    • Change management Process



    • Architecture & Strategies for BI Authorizations
    • What is Info Area, Info Cube, Multi provider, Info Object?
    • How to Control Authorization using S_RS_COMP & S_RS_AUTH
    • Security Requirement in SAP BI
    • Deference between R/3 & BI
    • Report Based authorization
    • Analysis Authorizations
    • Authorization relevant objects
    • Troubleshooting BI Authorizations



    • Introduction to HR Security
    • Context Based Authorizations
    • About Organizational Structure
    • Controlling Authorization using P_PORGINCON & PLOG
    • Personal Administration Security
    • Organizational Management Security
    • Structural Authorizations
    • Direct & Indirect assignment of Roles in HR
    • HR Info Types & Authorization Objects
    • HR General Authorizations
    • Troubleshooting HR Authorization Issues



    • Introduction to CRM Security
    • Business Roles
    • General Roles
    • Position based Security
    • Important authorization objects involved



    • Introduction to SRM Security
    • Supplier self-registration security
    • Important authorization objects involved
    • Business Role creation by using Webdynpro t codes in SRM
    • Uploading ABAP roles in Portal system
    • Troubleshooting issues



    • Introduction to Portal Security
    • Creation of Users in Portal
    • Role Administration
    • Assigning Portal roles to Users
    • Assigning Portal Groups to Users