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    SAP Netweaver Online Training

    What is SAP Netweaver?

    SAP NetWeaver is the technical foundation on which nearly all SAP solutions are presently primarily based. SAP NetWeaver is the functionally increased successor of the SAP application platform SAP Technology, and it is the idea for the Enterprise Services design so as to fulfill requests for flexibility and integration among systems, interfaces, users, and processes.

    It connects data, business processes, and other people across systems and organizational boundaries. it’s the central tool for reducing the overall value of possession (TCO) of complicated system infrastructures.

    It provides the core functions for the technical infrastructure of business solutions. These

    Integration levels are people Integration, data Integration, and process Integration, and Application Platform. SAP NetWeaver additionally supports cross-application package, alleged composite applications or xApps. Additionally, totally different package interfaces guarantee full ability of applications that are running on Microsoft .NET and IBM WebSphere.

    SAP Netweaver Online Training – Syllabus


    • What is Net Weaver?
    • Net weaver Components
    • Solution Manager 7.0
    • Overview of Enterprises Portal (EP)
    • Overview of Business Intelligence (BI)
    • Overview of Process Integration (PI7.0)

    Solution Manager 7.0

    • Configuring SAP Router
    • Maintain System Landscape in SMSY
    • Assign logical systems
    • Configure RFC destinations to Dev,Qas and Prod
    • Configured Maintenance Optimizer
    • Activated SDCCN assigned servers
    • Early Watch Alert Configured for Dev,Qas, Prod Servers
    • Configure trusted/trusting connections with Dev,Qas Servers to generate the Test Plans and test cases.
    • Setup E-Learning
    • Service desk configuration


    • Enterprises portal Architecture
    • Installation EP 7.0
    • Post Installation Steps
    • SLD Configuration
    • Content Administration (Iview, Pages, Work sets, Roles)
    • Create Users and Assign Roles
    • JCO Connections
    • System Administration.
    • Single Sign on
    • SDM, JSPM
    • Visual Administration and Config Tolls
    • Config Tool


    • PI Architecture
    • Installation of PI7.0
    • Post installation Steps
    • SLD Creation
    • User Management
    • Integration Repository
    • Integration Directory


    • BI Architecture
    • Installation of BI7.0
    • Post installation Steps of Bi7.0
    • User management
    • Security