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  • SAP Hybris Online Training

    Overview :

    SAP Hybris is a compatibility layer for computers running Linux distributions based on the GNU C library, intended for using software written for Bionic-based Linux systems, which mainly includes Android libraries and device drivers. The main feature of SAP Hybris is overriding of Bionic calls and their translation into glibc calls, thus allowing Bionic-based software to be used on glibc-based Linux distributions. In order to allow using Android graphic drivers to run on Wayland-based systems, SAP Hybris can also translate Android’s EGL calls into Wayland EGL calls. This feature was initially developed by Collabora’s Pekka Paalanen for his port of Android to Wayland.

    Course Content :

    Hybris – Quick introduction


      • System landscapes setup
      • How to estimate the size of a system
      • A common system configuration
      • Decentralized system landscapes
      • Session handling in a clustered environment, Session Failover
      • Cloud Computing / Virtualization

    Installation and Configuration

      • Basic Installation
      • Configuration of load balancer, web server, application server, search and databases
      • Advanced configuration options
      • The hybris Build Framework
      • Directory Structure

    Build and Deployment

      • Deployments of the hybris Server and optional J2EE deployments
      • Tanuki server wrapper

    Clustering and Persistence

      • Cluster functionality and setup
      • Control and troubleshooting
      • The hybris cache and transaction management
      • Media asset management


      • ImpEx
      • Web services


      • Performance testing
      • Performance aspects & hints
      • Typical database access patterns of hybris


      • Monitoring the JVM
      • Database monitoring
      • JMX – Java Monitoring Extension
      • Key parameters

    System Security

      • Basic Security rules
      • Firewall / Web Application Firewall
      • SSL
      • Securing modules
      • Access control
      • LDAP integration
      • Basic understanding of beanshell security

    Backup and Restore

      • Backup and restore
      • What to backup


      • Instrumentation
      • hybris admin console
      • Log monitoring