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  • SAP HANA Development Online Training

    SAP HANA Online Training

    What is SAP HANA?

    SAP High-performance Analytic Appliance is an In-Memory Database from SAP to store data and analyze large volumes of non-aggregated transactional data in real time.

    Basically SAP HANA is a database. It addresses many problems which are being faced in the traditional databases through its In-Memory concept.

    With SAP HANA online training you get the power to develop In-Memory apps that analyze massive volumes of data in real-time.

    You want the data analysis no longer wait so long for results?

    Then you can rely on SAP HANA training and track developments and events in real time. With the combination of high-performance in-memory software and advanced hardware from SAP partners you can check quickly large amounts of data from disparate sources. Analysis results can be obtained faster than ever before.

    SAP uses a flexible platform that can easily adapt to changes in order to introduce new technologies and applications in real time. It analyses large amounts of data with industry-leading business intelligence and in-memory computing and gain advantage.

    SAP HANA has both OLTP and OLAP capabilities

    OLTP: Simple queries like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE etc. It returns few records which does not require much processing time.

    OLAP: Complex aggregations – sometimes combination of various OLTP queries. It returns huge number of records depending upon the data and it requires more processing time Ex: Data warehouses.

    HANA Development training – Syllabus

    Overview SAP HANA 1.0

    Product Availability Matrix (Supported H/w Vendors Platform)


    • SAP HANA Appliance Architecture View
    • SAP HANA Database Engine View
    • SAP HANA Data-Loading View
    • SAP HANA Data-Modeling View
    • SAP HANA Reporting View
    • SAP HANA Administrator View

    SAP HANA System Landscapes

    SAP HANA System Sizing Guidelines

    Data Provisioning

    • Via Data Services
    • Via Replication (Landscape Transformation)

    SAP HANA Studio view

    SAP HANA Modeling

    • Attribute View
    • Analytic View
    • Calculation View
    • Export & Import

    SAP HANA Reporting

    • Client connectivity options
    • SAP BO BI 4.0
    • MS-Excel
    • SAP BO Analysis
    • SAP BO Explorer
    • Semantic Layer (Universe)
    • SAP Crystal Reports (Enterprise, Dashboards & WebI)
    • SAP Crystal Reports 2011

    SAP HANA Development Perspective

    • Core Data services (Tables, Views, User defined data types, Sequences)
    • Stored Procedures (.Procedure,.hdbprocedure)
    • Defining XS Jobs

    Configuring XS Jobs

    SAP HANA Live

    User Management (SAP BI 4.0 Integration)

    User Management (Single-Sign-on SSO)

    In-Memory Database (IMDB) Client Installation

    SAP HANA Appliance Enterprise Server

    Scale up Configuration (RACK SERVERS)

    Scale out Configuration (CLUSTERED RACK SERVERS)

    Distributed System Handling

    Port Numbers – Distributed Transaction Handling

    Distributed System Landscape

    Disaster Tolerance Hardware

    Multi Version Concurrency Control (MVCC)

    Multi database containers

    Persistence Layer



    SLT Replication Technique

    COPA Business Case

    SAP BW on HANA