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  • SAP GTS Online Training

    SAP GTS online training

    What is SAP Global Trade services?

    SAP GTS online training is all about Global Trade services at SAP domain and is one of the most wanted

    modules for large organization that has SAP system implemented. Trainersdesk offers you an

    international standard training that will help you to automate all your global trade transactions, manage

    multiple business partners, documents& implementing compliance for tracking and adhering to the

    latest rules and policy changes at international legal regulations segment.

    SAP GTS Online Training – Syllabus

    Introduction to SAP Global Trade Services

    •  Overview of SAP GTS
    •  SAP GTS Modules
    •  Compliance Management
    •  Customs Management
    •  Risk Management
    •  Global Trade Trends & SAP GTS
    •  Implementation of GTS with an R/3 Back end system

    Setting up communication in R3 server

    •  GTS Organization Structure
    •  Legal Regulations
    •  Deadline Types
    •  Country Groups
    •  Determination Procedures for Legal Regulations

    Activation of Legal Regulations

    • Compliance Management
    •  Customs Document type
    •  Customs Item category
    •  Partner Functions
    •  Partner Function Groups
    •  Sanction party List Screening
    •  Embargo Check
    •  License Determination Process Flow
    •  Configuration of License Determination
    •  License Determination Strategy
    •  Monitoring of License Determination for Customs Documents

    Customs Management

    •  Product Classification
    •  Numbering Schemes
    •  Tarrif/Commodity Code Maintenance
    •  Classifying Products
    •  Customs Processing
    •  Post Processing Framework
    •  Overview of Customs Processing Service – Electronic Declarations
    •  Overview of Message Determination
    •  Overview of Transit Procedure Service

    Risk Management

    •  Overview of Preference Processing
    •  Rules of Origin
    •  Preference Processing in GTS
    •  Preference Processing
    •  Overview of Restitution Processing
    •  Restitution Processing in GTS
    •  Configuration of Restitution Processing
    •  Business Process in Restitution Processing