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  • SAP GRC Online Training

    SAP GRC 10 online training

    What is SAP GRC?

    GRC 10 online training course is designed to fulfill the knowledge required on all level of SAP

    Security & GRC Consultant. Either you are an business owner or business solution manger this course

    give you entire overview of SAP GRC Access Control 10. The course explains some of the topics like

    MSMP and BRF+ with simple steps and easy to understand.

    Executive Summary

    Organizations evaluating technology solutions to enhance their governance, risk and compliance(GRC)

    processes have an updated offering from SAP to consider: SAP BusinessObjects GRC Access control

    version 10.0(GRC 10.0). This product suite helps risk and compliance teams improve their ability to work

    with the business by managing risks and controls pervasively and within a single platform. In GRC 10.0

    three cornerstone products – Access control(AC), Process Control(PC), and Risk Management(RM) – are

    integrated, allowing for pervasive risk management across business processes and user access

    provisioning activities by improving key automated monitoring and risk reporting capabilities.

    The access control product simplifies the remediation and mitigation of segregation of duties(SoD) risk

    by integrating PC controls and functionality when managing and assigning compensating controls(both

    automated and manual). Access control also allows central management of firefighter IDs across

    multiple enterprise resource planning(ERP) systems, streamlines the temporary super-user access log

    review process by adding workflow capabilities and enables “business” concepts within the role design

    and provisioning process.

    GRC 10 online training – Syllabus


    SYSTEM Architecture

    GRC architecture and landscape

    Access Controller 10 Architecture

    • GRC 10 security and authorization
    • Object level security
    • Authorization recruitments
    • Access control delivered roles
    • Shared configuration settings
    • Configure the integration frame work
    • Configure shared access control settings

    Identify Business Configuration (BC) SETs

    • Analyze and manage risk (earlier RAR)
    • Maintaining shared master data
    • Configuration and maintaining the rule set
    • Risk management remediation & mitigation
    • Risk analysis and types
    • Risk analysis and types, comparison with RAR

    Business Role Management (earlier ERM)

    • Configuring role management
    • Configuring role methodology
    • Business role definition
    • Technical role definition
    • Role mining, comparisons with ERM

    Emergency Access Management (earlier SPM)

    • Fire fighting types
      • id based
      • role based
    • Managing emergency access
    • Assigning owner and controller to FF ID
    • Check FF logs
    • Maintain reason codes
    • Comparisons with SPM

    Provision and manage user (earlier CUP)

    • Creating Access Request
    • Type of access request
    • Responding to access requests
    • Audit log
    • Defining user provisioning
    • Design end user personalization forms
    • Comparisons with CUP

    Business Rule Framework

    • Creating rules in business rule framework
    • Creating initiator rule
    • Creating agent rule
    • Crating routing rule

    MSMP Workflow

    • Maintain multi stage multi path(MSMP) WORKFLOW
    • Implementing access control
    • Access Controller  implementation process
    • Upgrade pre requisites
    • Migration pre requisites

    SOX Sarbanes-Oxley Act

    SOD Segregation of Duties

    Service Market place

    • Creating of service market place ID
    • Opening OSS Connections
    • Developer key access

    Ticket tools