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  • SAP FIORI Online Training

    SAP FIORI online training

    What is SAP FIORI?

    SAP FIORI is our new user experience (UX) for SAP software. SAP FIORI online training is very much

    suitable to the application developers, solutions, presales and technical consultants and it is also open

    for anyone who is interested in developing the web application on SAP business way. To learn SAP FIORI,

    one should have the basic knowledge to understand business processes, knowledge on programming

    languages like HTML/JAVA SCRIPT, more specially SAP UI5.

    SAP Fiori online training – Syllabus

    1. Overview of the SAP Fiori solution
    2. Introduction to SAP Fiori Apps (Manager & Employee)
    3. SAP UX strategy relating to SAP Fiori
    4. SAP Fiori architectures and technology (App types, Architecture structure/details, hardware & software requirements)
    5. Installation overview & tasks
    6. Launchpad overview and functions
    7. Launchpad configuration
    8. Configuration overview – Transactional Apps
    9. Configure Transactional Apps End to End (NW Gateway, Central UI Add-On, Product Specific Add-On)
    10. Concept of Groups, Catalogs and Roles in Fiori Landscape
    11. Launchpad Designer Overview and Configuration(Semantic Object, Action)
    12. SAP Fiori security
    13. PFCG Roles Assignment to Business And Technical Users to access SAP Fiori Apps
    14. Configure Custom Fiori Apps on Standard SAP Fiori Launchpad (End to End Demonstration).
    15. Theme Designer Overview and Configuration.
    16. Fiori Launchpad URL distribution techniques to end users
    17. Different techniques to disable Personalization Layer on Launchpad
    18. Introduction to Fiori Client, Crosswalk and Phonegap/Cordova
    19. Role of SAP UI5 and Introduction to Eclipse
    20. Concept of MVC, Fragments and Component.js in SAP UI5.
    21. Extending and Enhancing Standard SAP Fiori Apps using SAP Fiori Toolkit
    22. Introduction to SAP Web IDE
    23. Extending and Enhancing Standard SAP Fiori Apps using SAP Web IDE
    24. ODATA Services concept and Extension.
    25. Overview of SAP Fiori Cloud Solution(latest in market)
    26. Basic issue troubleshooting resources