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  • SAP CS Online Training


    What is SAP Customer Service?

    SAP CS (Customer Service) is of valuable module in SAP ERP and it is an extension of SD module and

    Plant Maintenance Module. Plant Maintenance Module gives the addresses processes in the in house

    maintenance functions in Customer Service handles service provided to the customer. It is chiefly used

    for high quality customer support as after sale service in the industry. It leverages the features provided

    chiefly by the Plant Maintenance and Sales and Distribution modules.

    Training Objectives of CS:

    SAP CS in of the Essential Module in SAP ERP comes with a Customer support module which provides

    the basic functionalities to the domain of services delivered to customers. Customers are likely to buy

    from companies or organizations that have a high Quality of customer satisfaction. It gives you the

    entire knowledge of technical objectives, service agreements, customer interaction made & other

    management tasks related to customer services.

    SAP CS Online Training – Syllabus

    Customer Service Introduction

    • Overview on Customer service
    • CS Integration with other modules
    • CS – SD Integration
    • CS – QM Integration
    • CS – FI Integration
    • CS – CO Integration
    • CS – PP Integration
    • CS – MM Integration
    • CS – HR Integration
    • Organizational elements in customer service module
    • Master data in customer service
    • Installed base management
    • Functional location
    • Equipment
    • Serial number management
    • Work centre
    • Cost centre
    • Activity
    • Activity pricing
    • Warranty & Types
    • Status profiles
    • DIP profile
    • In-House repair process

    Service Notification

    • Repair order
    • Service order
    • Resource related billing

    Repair-at-site process

    • Service notification
    • Service order
    • Resource related billing

    Annual maintenance contract process

    • Contracts
    • Task lists
    • Maintenance plan

    Third party repair process

    • Service notification
    • Service order
    • Resource related billing