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    SAP CRM online training

    What is SAP CRM?

    SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) is a part of the SAP Business Suite containing a

    central CRM (Customer Relationship Management) server that can be used to access the system via

    multiple channels. The CRM (Customer Relationship management) server can also connect to other

    systems. The SAP CRM application can be connected and fully-integrated in the following ways: The SAP

    CRM (Customer Relationship management) System as a central CRM (Customer Relationship

    management) server with its application components. The SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) as a

    back-end system with the tried and tested ERP functions.

    SAP CRM Functional Online Training – Syllabus

    Introduction to SAP CRM
    Functionality of SAP CRM
    Introduction to WEB User Interface
    Introduction to Business Roles Like Sales Pro , Service Pro and Marketing Pro

    • Business Partner
    • Defining BP Roles
    • Number Ranges and Grouping
    • Sales Area Data Related Configuration
    • BP Related Customizing
    • Business Partner Hierarchy
    • Business Partner Relationships
    • Product master Record
    • Products Types
    • Product category and Hierarchy
    • Product Workbench
    • Attributes, Set types etc
    • Introduction to Organizational Management
    • Organizational Model
    • Organizational Data Determination
    • Territory Management
    • Territory Hierarchy


    • Business Transaction Processing
    • Transaction Type
    • Item Category
    • Item Category Determination
    • Copying Control Setting between Business Transactions
    • Setting for Leads
    • Settings for opportunities
    • Quotation and Sales Order
    • Questionnaires (Survey Suite )
    • Status Profile
    • Text Determination Procedure
    • Partner Processing
    • Partner Function
    • Partner Determination Procedure
    • Service Organization Model
    • Overview of Service Related Transactions
    • Service Contracts , Service Quotation and Service Order
    • Installed Base Management
    • Complaints
    • Catalogs, Codes and Profile
    • Service Level Agreements
    • Service Profile and Response Profile
    • Overview of marketing management in my SAP CRM
    • Marketing Plan
    • Creation of Marketing Attributes
    • Marketing and campaign planning
    • Creation of Target Groups,Profiles etc.
    • Segment builder
    • Personalized mail forms
    • External List Management
    • Activity Management
    • Setting in Activities
    • Categories , Goal and Priorities etc


    • Structure of CRM Web Client framework
    • Business Role Configuration
    • Assigning Business Role to a User
    • PFCG configuration
    • Layout Profile
    • Technical Profile
    • Navigation Bar Profile
    • Role Config Key
    • Adjustment of Work Centers
    • BSP Component Workbench
    • Overview of Pricing
    • Steps in Pricing Procedure
    • Condition Table
    • Condition Type
    • Determine Pricing Procedure
    • Customer Pricing Procedure
    • Document Pricing Procedure
    • Maintain Condition Record


    • Middleware overview
    • Creation of RFC between CRM and ECC
    • Remote Logon
    • Initial Load
    • Delta load
    • Data Transfer between ECC and SAP CRM
    • Admin Console
    • Error Handling and Monitoring

    Additional Topics
    ASAP Methodology including all Projects Stages
    Project Landscape
    Topic wise interview Questions Discussion
    Overview of Real Time Project Doc like Functional Specification , End User Training Material , Business Blue Print , Test Cases , User Requirement Specification etc
    Overview of Testing Process
    Real Time Project scenario
    Interview Tips
    Resume Preparation etc