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  • SAP BI/BW Online Training

    SAP BW/BI online training

    What is SAP BW? BI?

    SAP delivers task and role-based information models and reporting situations for SAP BW that is based on reliable metadata. SAP BI put forward preferred task in a company the information they need to carry out their tasks. The information models delivered covers all business areas and integrate content from almost all SAP and selected external applications.

    SAP BI (Business Intelligence) is a part of SAP NetWeaver platform that enables to get a timely access to key business data. Data access is often a vital criterion for achieving commercial success. Being challenged by the ongoing globalization and growing utilization of the Internet in business activities.

    SAP BI module consists of three basic packs, they are BI platform, information warehouse and a kit of BI tools which retains statistical returns interpretation, analysis and system of the enterprise data. By means of the offered kit of tools are the key business data from the operated SAP applications and all the other external and internal data sources can be transformed, consolidated and integrates in SAP BI.


    SAP BI-BW online training – Syllabus

    Introduction to SAP Business Intelligence

    • BI Architecture / BI Platform
    • Enterprise Data warehousing / Data Modeling
    • Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis
    • Data Acquisition / Data Extraction
    • Star Schema and Extended Star Schema
      • Multidimensional Modeling
      • Entity Relationship Modeling

    Enterprise Data warehousing

    • Master Data Loading Attributes, Texts and Hierarchies
    • Transaction Data Loading
    • Types of Info provider
      • Info cubes
      • DSO/ODS Objects(Standard DSO, Write Optimized DSO, Direct Update DSO)
      • Info objects as Info providers
      • Info sets (Inner-Joins, Outer-Joins, Temporial-Joins, Equi-Joins)
      • Multi providers
      • Virtual Providers
    • Differentiating between 7.30 version and 7.0 version.
    • Open Hub Destination
    • InfoSpokes
    • Routines
    • Business Content and its Relevance
    • Performance Tuning
      • Aggregates
      • Compression
      • Rollup
      • Reconstruction
      • Indexing etc.
    • Analysis Process Designer

    Data Acquisition / Data Extraction

    • Logistics Extraction
    • Generic Extraction (View AND Infoset Query)
    • Enhancing Standard Data Sources
    • Delta Mechanism
    • COPA Extraction
    • FI-SL 

    Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis

    • Introduction to BEX Query Designer/ BEX Analyzer and other Reporting Tools
    • Free Characteristic and Filter
    • Restricted Key Figures and Calculated Key figures
    • Variables and Structures
    • Exceptions, Conditions, RRI
    • Information Broadcasting and other Reporting Features
    • Performance Tuning of Query
    • Web Application Designer
    • Bex Broadcaster
    • Workbook features
    • Roles and authorization

    New Enhancement of SAP BW 7.3

    • Mater Data Deletion
    • Hybrid provider
    • New monitors in BW Administration cockpit
    • Generic delta functionalities for further types of Data Sources
    • Hierarchies
    • Data Transfer Process (DTP)
    • Open Hub Service
    • Transformation
    • Partition of DSO

    SAP BI Advanced Topics

    • Creating Process Chains, Scheduling and Monitoring
    • Remodeling of InfoCube
    • Partition and repartition of InfoCube
    • Transportation
    • Support Project Issues