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  • SAP APO Online Training

    SAP APO Online training

    What is SAP APO/SCM?

    SAP APO online training is intended for current or future project members of APO implementations. This

    should be attended by all those who need to understand the principles of the system to judge the

    viability of business requirements and processes. The course includes the usage of the respective

    transactions in order to provide the skills for typical prototyping work in a project.

    Whether you are a decision maker considering SAP SCM, a consultant seeking functional details or you

    are just starting to work with SAP SCM, this course will give you the insight and knowledge needed to

    understand the features and benefits of SAP SCM. You will find details on the evolution of the software,

    guided tours through each application, advice on which functionality to implement, and expert guidance

    on how to get the best return on your investment.

    SAP APO Online Training – Syllabus

    Demand Planning

    • Introductions, APO Overview
    • Overview of Demand Planning Concept
    • Datamart, info-cubes & Demand Planning
    • Planning area and Planning Books
    • Macros & Notes
    • Interactive Planning
    • Statistical toolbox, Promotions and Life Cycle Planning

    Supply Network Planning / Core Interface (CIF)

    • Mass Processing and Release of Plans
    • Exception Processing and Alert Generation
    • Overview of Supply Planning Concept
    • Supply Planning, Interactive Supply Planning, Integration with other SCM components
    • Planning Methods: Heuristics, Optimization & CTM
    • Deployment
    • Transport Load Builder
    • Releasing Supply Plans to DP, PPDS, ECC
    • CIF Core Interface : Introduction to Architecture of Integration
    • Master Data, Integration to R/3

    Global Available-to-Promise

    • Planning in ECC – APO with Integration
    • Initial & Change Transfers, Background Jobs
    • Monitoring & Handling CIF Errors
    • Comparison & Reconciliation
    • Overview of Availability Management in ECC-APO
    • Principles and configuration of Availability Check
    • Check using Product Allocations
    • Advanced Methods

    Production Planning / Detailed Scheduling

    • Rule based Check
    • Multi-Level ATP
    • Explanation & Simulation Feature
    • Global ATP/OPTP interface
    • Overview of PPDS, Prerequisites, Prod. Planning with ECC
    • Master Data & Transaction data Integration with ECC, SNP, DP, GATP
    • Demand Management, Requirements & Sales Orders in PPDS
    • Production Planning Strategies (Make-to-Order, Make-to-Stock)
    • Planning Heuristics
    • Capacity Requirements, Capacity Planning / Leveling
    • Optimizer


    • Exception Processing, Alert Generation
    • Free Discussions, Questions
    • Consulting Practice Planning
    • Further Reference Sources
    • Conclusion


    • Demand Planning
    • Supply Network Planning
    • Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling
    • Global Available to Promise
    • Transportation Management
    • Service Parts Planning
    • Extended Warehouse Management
    • Event Management
    • Supplier Network Collaboration
    • Forecasting and Replenishment